Can eating fruit make you gain weight?


I had a friend ask me a few days ago, “Can eating fruit make you gain weight?” Sure, but there is a twist to this story…

Think about it – if your maintenance calories are around 2500, where you gain or lose no weight, what would happen if you ate an extra 500 calories in bananas?

Everything being equal, you will gain weight.

Plus, eating lots of fruit equals a fair amount of sugars, leading to a glorious spike in insulin secretion.


Avoiding or limiting your fruit intake is for someone who is monitoring their calorie intake daily and wants to hit single digit body fat numbers.

For the average joe-shmuk-thirty-something swapping out pizza and fizzy drinks for fruit and a plethora of green vegetables would be a sensible move to a healthier body.

Every hardcore powerlifter must watch this!

Eat lots of meat, vegetables, and fruit and stop worrying about counting calories and you’ll eventually drop the fat around your love handles. Eat a variety of foods in your diet.

Plus, an increased amount of vitamins and fiber is pretty cool. Increased fiber intake helps small intestines’ health and it increases the satiety feeling (feeling fuller for longer).

Like your gramma has always said, Eat the god damn fruit son and stop splitting fine hairs!”

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mike h August 21, 2012 at 2:27 am

lol, i didn't really get the video…

i liked your analogy though. i actually stopped eating most fruit except berries (in some oatmeal after a workout) ever since four hour body came out, but i'm thinking some fruit midday might help overcome my extreme tiredness i get in the early afternoons, plus i think it will help supply my brain with some needed energy at that time.

it was nate miyaki's site that incidently i found from your site that has changed my mind when it comes to fruit…thanks!


Ant Sleckus October 7, 2012 at 8:17 am

Yeah time has written a great book there. Nate is a really smart guy and has some awesome work. The video is just a bit of fun :)

Thanks for taking the time out to write me a comment, much appreciated.

I eat fruit after i train mostly now, or i try not too worry about it.


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