My gains...

1) Thinking that you can cheat sleep.

No you can’t.

It will catch up with you eventually.

Not only is a good night’s sleep is essential for on the pitch performance but sleep has a crucial roles in depression, dealing with psychological trauma and learning.

The bottom line is if you cheat on sleep you’re cheating on yourself.

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It doesn’t matter how perfect your diet is, if your lifestyle doesn’t match it, it’s useless.

Solution? Do what you can to try to make things as simple as possible.

Dieting isn’t easy. Aim for economy.

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The boobs below will make sense eventually. Trust me.


Finally a penny dropped for me about my own personal training.

Overtraining is just under recovery.

Sit on that for a second. Really think about that.

One of the best ways I’ve heard this described is by John meadows in an article By Jim Wendler.

“Training is like digging a ditch. Recovery is about filling that ditch, and adding a little bit more.” So the deeper you dig that ditch (the harder you train), the more attention you have to give to your recovery.

This metaphor is like a cheeky sideboob. It’s God damn beautiful.  It’s…It’s…poetry!

In other words overtraining for the most part is under eating and under sleeping.

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I hate the word diet. Let’s get rid of it.

Let’s replace it with any of the following words like business, student, marriage, stripper, athlete, chef, president, police officer…

You get the point.

What makes these people successful?

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Yes and no, it depends. To get to a very low bf% level you will need to take responsibility and start being more clinical and precise with your food.

Majority of the people can look impressive without measuring stuff. You just need to be aware of what you’re eating.

looooky loooky

Calorie calculators are fine (I’m sure there are good ones) but they don’t take in consideration height, muscle mass, body fat%, genetics, activity level, lifestyle, medical conditions etc.

We’re all different.
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Some people will scream that eating carbohydrates isn’t “natural” or strictly “Palaeolithic”?!

Neither is benching 1000lbs, sprinting sub 10s or walking around at %3 body-fat.

Nam sayin’?

We’re trying to manipulate our physiology to get an outcome we want.

move bitch get out ma way

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